The Eleventh Dynasty (Dynasty XI)

Dates: 2066-1940 BCE. – Capital: Thebes

The Eleventh Dynasty only controlled Upper Egypt from its captial at Thebes, while Dynasty X ruled Lower Egypt from Heracleopolis. This brought them into a long conflict which ended when Mentuhotep II defeated the Herkleopolitians and re-united the Two Lands, starting the Middle Kingdom.

The Eleventh Dynasty <small>(Dynasty XI)</small>

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
1 Mentuhotep I Mentuhotep-aa
2 Intef I Antef I, Anjotef I, Inyotef I
3 Intef II Antef II, Anjotef II, Inyotef II 2066–2017
4 Intef III Antef III, Anjotef III, Inyotef III 2016–2009
5 Mentuhotep II Nebhapetra Montuhotep II 2009–1959
6 Mentuhotep III Seankhra Montuhotep III 1958–1947
7 Mentuhotep IV Nebtawyra Montuhotep IV 1947–1940


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