The Nineteenth Dynasty (Dynasty XIX)

Dates: 1292-1190 BCE. – Capital: Thebes/Memphis/Pi-Ramesse

The Nineteenth Dynasty lasted for around 110 years, 66 of which were ruled by Ramesses II. The dynasty declined as internal fighting between the heirs of Ramesses II's successor, Merenptah, increased. Ramesses II built more monuments than any other pharaoh, and was not afraid to even usurp older ones.

The Nineteenth Dynasty <small>(Dynasty XIX)</small>

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
1 Ramesses I Menpehtyra Ramses I 1292–1290
2 Seti I Menmaatra Sethos I 1290–1279
3 Ramesses II Usermaatra setepenra Rameses II, Ramses II 1279–1213
4 Merenptah Baenra merynetjeru Merneptah 1213–1203
5 Seti II Userkheperura Sethos II 1203–1200
6 Amenmesse Menmira setepenra Amenmesses, Amenmose 1203–1197
7 Siptah Sekhaenra meryamun Merenptah Siptah 1197–1191
8 Tausret Satra meryamun Tawosret, Twosret 1191–1190


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