The Fifteenth Dynasty (Dynasty XV)

Dates: 1650-1535 BCE. – Capital: Avaris

The Fifteenth Dynasty was the first foreign dynasty (also known as the Hyksos Dynasty) that ruled Lower Egypt from Avaris. The names and order of kings is uncertain.

The Fifteenth Dynasty <small>(Dynasty XV)</small>

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
1 Salitis
2 Sakir-Har Sakarher, Seker-Her c. 1621
3 Khyan Seuserenra Khian, Khayan 1621–1581
4 Apepi Nebkhepeshra et. al. Nebkhepeshre, Aqenenre, Aweserre, Apophis 1581–1541
5 Khamudy Khamudi 1541–1540

Unplaced kings

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
Beon Bnon


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