The Twentieth Dynasty (Dynasty XX)

Dates: 1189-1077 BCE. – Capital: Pi-Ramesse

The Twentieth Dynasty was the last flowering of the New Kingdom and is marked by a decline of the pharaonic power, as the High Priests of Amun became more and more powerful at the expense of the pharaohs.

The Twentieth Dynasty <small>(Dynasty XX)</small>

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
1 Setnakht Userkhaura setepenra meryamun Setnakhte 1190–1186
2 Ramesses III Usermaatra meryamun Rameses III, Ramses III 1186–1155
3 Ramesses IV Usermaatra setepenamun 1155–1149
4 Ramesses V Usermaatra sekheperenra 1149–1145
5 Ramesses VI Nebmaatra meryamun 1145–1137
6 Ramesses VII Usermaatra setepenra 1137–1130
7 Ramesses VIII Usermaatra akhenamun 1130–1129
8 Ramesses IX Neferkara setepenra 1129–1111
9 Ramesses X Khepermaatra setepenra 1111–1107
10 Ramesses XI Menmaatra setepenptah 1107–1077


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