Intef II

Also known as: Antef II, Anjotef II, Inyotef II
Dynasty XI

The name written in the Turin papyrus 6.14 is lost in lacuna, which is the position the name of Intef II would occupy by counting backwards from Mentuhotep II in 6.16. Further confirmation comes from the 49 year reign which is mentioned in 6.14, which fits well the fifty years reign of Intef II. The stela of Tjetji who was an high ranking official during both Intef II and III, solidifies the succession order. The Son of Ra title is always found inside the cartouche of Intef II. None of the Intefs of the eleventh dynasty used the full titulary of the Old Kingdom.

Reign of Intef II
AE Chronology2066–2017
von Beckerath2103–2054
Turin Canon49 (years)


The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

Horus name
Horus name of Intef II: Wah ankh
Wah ankh
 Strong in life
Bibliotheca Aegyptica, X, §16-20
Stele of King Intef II, (New York Metropolitan Museum, 13.182.3)
Limestone stela of Tjetji (British Museum, EA614)
, Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen (), 76-77, 3:H
Throne name
Throne name of Intef II: Sa Ra, Intef
Sa Ra, Intef
Limestone stela of Tjetji (British Museum, EA614)
British Museum Hieroglyphic Texts, I, plates 49-50
, Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen (), 76-77, 3:E4



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