Neferkamin Anu in hieroglyphs

The thirteenth pharaoh of the Eighth Dynasty,

The name Seneferka Anu is found on the Abydos king list number 52, which translates to the odd the one whom a ka has made perfect, Anu. The sign emblem for the god Min, R22 (mn) and O34 (s) are very similar, and a small mistake by a scribe confusing "Min" with "S" is easily understood. Exchanging the signs makes the name Neferkamin Anu, which gives the more fitting translation of the perfect one of the ka of Min, Anu. The corresponding name in the Turin papyrus contains only the name Nefer.

Neferkara Pepiseneb

Qakara Ibi

Reign of Neferkamin Anu

The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

Throne names

Prenomen or throne name

Announced at the coronation and always written in a cartouche. The “official” name of the pharaoh. Also known as the Prenomen.

Throne name
Nefer ka Menu Anu*
nfr-kꜢ-mnw Ꜥ-nw
The perfect one of the ka of Min, the beautiful
Abydos Canon no. 52
The reading of O34 (s) can replace R22 (mnw) for the god Min.
Beckerath, “Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen”, 2nd ed. MÄS 49 (1999). 68-69, 13:T+E
Throne name variant
The perfect one?
Turin King List 5.9
Gardiner, The Royal Canon of Turin (1959) IV:10


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