Almost all hieroglyphs presented has been verified by visual inspection of the sources mentioned. This is purely a hobby, I add to this website when time permits. I strive to make the site readable on any device or computer.

The name of the god Ra will always written like so, never as Re, despite Re being commonly used by Egyptologists. Thus, Usermaatre will always be written as Usermaatra, etc.

I made this site for myself first and foremost, with the intention of having easy access to the hard-to-find sources and hieroglyphs freely available online. I have no plans or intentions of ever monetising it. It is free and will always remain so. All programming and layout was also done by me, using "Foundation" by Zurb as just that – a foundation.

This website started out as I needed one location containing all the information. You won't find much information about a certain pharaoh, just their known hieroglyphic names, including the variants. If you're looking for historical or general information about a certain pharaoh, this is not the website you are looking for, try Wikipedia or Google.

The very order of succession is disputed by Egyptologists on a number of pharaohs. This website just present you with the actual names, not very much in the discussions about which pharaoh should be placed where. I have tried to follow the general consensus, but that is not always easy to discern, as progression takes years and is often hidden in obscure journals only available to academia.

If you use any material from this website, I would appreciate a link to the appropriate page, or, at least, a link to the front page.

If you notice any errors, corrections needed, additions, throw me a mail so I can fix it.
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