Almost all hieroglyphs presented has been verified by visual inspection of the sources mentioned. This is purely a hobby, I am not an Egyptologist. I add to this website when time permits. The site should be readable on any device or computer.

I created this site for myself first and foremost, with the intention of having easy access to the hard-to-find sources and hieroglyphs freely available online. If you're looking for historical or general information about a certain pharaoh, try Wikipedia or Google it.

The very order of succession is disputed by Egyptologists on a number of pharaohs. This website just present you with the actual names, not very much in the discussions about which pharaoh should be placed where. I have tried to follow the general consensus, but that is not always easy, as progression takes years and is often hidden in obscure journals only available to academia.

I would also like to thank Bieke Mahieu for the invaluable help and inspiration with the Royal Canon of Turin.

If you use any material from this website, I would appreciate a link to the appropriate page, or, to the front page. If you want to cite/reference the site, you are welcome to do so.

Questions, errors, corrections, etc. are very welcome!
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