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This whole thing started out as a couple disjoined pages of collected images and notes. Over the years it became more refined, but like many projects, it grew beyond its initial scope. So I created this site to try to organise the sources of the names of the pharaohs, with references and hieroglyphs freely available online.

Almost all hieroglyphs presented has been verified by visual inspection of the sources mentioned. This is a hobby, I am not an Egyptologist. I add to this website when time permits. The site is primarily designed for and intended to be read on a large screen.

For historical or general information about pharaohs, Wikipedia is a much better place to start. The very order of succession is disputed by Egyptologists on a number of pharaohs. This website concentrates on the actual names, not discussions about which pharaoh should be placed where. I have tried to follow the general consensus, but that is not always easy, as progression takes years and is often hidden in obscure journals only available to academia.

There are bound to be errors, typos, omissions and other (hopefully minor) problems. Always check with the original sources to make sure that you are getting accurate information. It is up to you which websites you trust, but you should always check the sources anyway before repeating potentially false information. Yes, that includes this website!

I would like to thank Bieke Mahieu for invaluable help and inspiration with the Turin king list.

All the material on the website is free to use (under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license) which means that you are free to copy and redistribute and adapt the material in any medium or format, provided that you give appropriate credit, something like:

Lundström, Peter. (2011). PHARAOH.SE Available at: https://pharaoh.se [Accessed 12 Jan. 2021].

Questions, errors, corrections, etc. are very welcome!
Contact me by email: info@pharaoh.se


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All content on this website is free to copy, redistribute and adapt in any medium or format, provided you give the appropriate credit. Yes, this includes images and texts. Keep information free!

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