Neferkauhor in hieroglyphs

The sixteenth pharaoh of the Eighth Dynasty,

Neferkauhor's throne name is found on the Abydos king list, and in the Turin Canon his name is lost in lacuna recording only a reign of 2 years, 1 month and 1 day. His Horus name is present on fragmentary decrees found at Coptos.


Neferirkara II

Reign of Neferkauhor
AE Chronology2122–2120
Turin King List2y 1m 1d

The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

The Dual King
The Son of Ra

Horus Netjer bau  The Dual King Nefer kau Hor  Son of Ra Khuwihapi

Horus name

Horus name

The oldest form of the name of a pharaoh, a falcon representing Horus is perched on the palace facade.

Horus name
Netjer bau
Divine might
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Throne names

Prenomen or throne name

Announced at the coronation and always written in a cartouche. The “official” name of the pharaoh. Also known as the Prenomen.

Throne name
Nefer kau Hor
Perfect are the Kas of Horus
Abydos Canon no. 55
Urkunden des Ägyptische Alterthums , I, 298
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Throne name variant
Nefer kau Hor
Coptos decrees
Urkunden des Ägyptische Alterthums . I. 296
Throne name variant
Name missing
Position based on Abydos King list (55)
Turin King List 5.12
Gardiner, The Royal Canon of Turin (1959) IV:12

Birth name

Nomen or birth name

Personal name given at birth. Also known as the Nomen.

Birth name
Hapi protects me
Coptos decree J
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