The First Intermediate Period

The First Intermediate Period began when Pepi II died. It was marked by disunity and cultural decline. The Union of the Two Kingdoms fell apart and regional leaders fought for power.

Dynasty VII

There is no evidence of a seventh dynasty.
Africanus wrote that 70 kings ruled for 70 days, while Eusebius wrote that 5 kings of ruled for 75 days. That is all.

Dynasty VIII

# Pharaoh Alternate names Reign (BCE)
1 Netjerikara Netjerikare, Nitocris
2 Menkara Menkare
3 Neferkara II Neferkare II
4 Neferkara Neby Neferkare Neby
5 Djedkara Shemai Djedkare Shemay
6 Neferkara Khendu Neferkare Khendu
7 Merenhor
8 Neferkamin I Seneferka
9 Nikara Nikare
10 Neferkara Tereru Neferkare Tereru
11 Neferkahor
12 Neferkara Pepiseneb Neferkare Pepiseneb
13 Neferkamin Anu
14 Qakara Ibi
15 Neferkaura Neferkaure
16 Neferkauhor
17 Neferirkara II Neferirkare II

Dynasty IX

# Pharaoh Alternate names Reign (BCE)
1 Meribra Khety I Meribre Khety I
2 Neferkara III Neferkare III
3 Wahkara Khety II Wahkare Khety II
4 Senen
5 Neferkara Khety III Neferkare Khety I

Dynasty X

# Pharaoh Alternate names Reign (BCE)
1 Nebkaura Khety IV Nebkaure Khety IV, Khety V between 2160 and 2130
2 Merikara Merykare c. 2075–2040
Sekhemkara I Sekhemkare I
Wadjkara Wadjkare


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