Mentuhotep I

Also known as: Mentuhotep-aa
Dynasty XI

Mentuhotep I is likely present on the Karnak king list, with both his Horus and Birth names, though both are damaged. He was most likely considered the founder of the eleventh dynasty and given the pharaonic title posthumously. His throne name is unknown, and he likely didn't have one as there are no archeological evidence he actually ruled as king.

Reign of Mentuhotep I
AE Chronologyc. 1980–?
von Beckerath2119–2103


The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

Horus name
Horus name of Mentuhotep I: Tepia
 The ancestor
Prisse, Monuments Égyptiens, plate I, 13 (Karnak King-list 12)
Urkunden des Ägyptische Alterthums IV, 608 (II.4)
Birth name
Birth name of Mentuhotep I: Men..
Karnak king list 12
The Horus name (above) is visible before the cartouche.
Urkunden des Ägyptische Alterthums IV, 608 (II.4)



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