The Unplaced pharaohs

Kings of Egypt of which too little is known to be able to place them into a dynasty with any certainty. Some have been considered as rulers by earlier Egyptologists, but their rule has now been proved to have been false. Debate about where to place many pharaohs is an ongoing process, and new discoveries may shed a wholly new light on a certain king, or supposed king. Additionally, some might only have been provincial rulers – or not existed at all...

This is a list of kings that cannot safely be placed in a certain dynasty.
This includes (but is not limited to) rulers where new evidence has disproved their rule, such as mistaken identity etc.

Unplaced pharaohs

# Pharaoh Alternate names Dynasty
Inaros Inarus, Inaros II 27
Anather 12-16
Harsiese A 23
Ini 23
Peftjauawybast Peftjaubast 23
Pedubast III 27
Psamtik IV 27


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