Marseille offering table king list

The Marseille Stele, also known as The Offering Table of Qenhirkhopshef, was originally located in the Karnak Temple complex at Luxor. The top side used for offerings was made in the form of the hieroglyph ḥtp (hotep), which depict an offering altar/table.

It was likely made in the reign of the Nineteenth Dynasty pharaoh Merenptah or his son Seti II. The 34 cartouches contain 30 royal names of 17 pharaohs, of which four are the (omitted here) names of Ahmose’s mother and wife (numbers 8, 9, 33, and 34). It now resides at the museum Musée d’Archéologie Méditerranéenne (Collection Clot-Bey, Inv. No. 204, Table d’offrandes de Qenherkhepeshef) in Marseille, France. Dimensions: 39.5 × 34 × 15 cm.

The offering starts on both sides of the run-off spout with the phrase ḥtp-ḏi-nsw, “an offering given by the king” which allowed offerings presented to the gods in the name of the king. There is also a figure of the owner, the Royal scribe in the palace of Truth, with the partial name Qen, presumed to be Qenhirkhopshef.

Marseille Stele
Marseille Stele

Note: Cartouche 14 contains Aa-kheperu-en-ra which must be a mistake/variant for Aa-kheperu-ra, the prenomen of Amenhotep II. The similar prenomen of Thutmose II (Aa-kheper-en-ra), is already present (12 and 24).

Cartouche of Ramesses II
User Maat Ra, setep en Ra

wsr-mꜢꜤt-rꜤ stp.n-rꜤ

Cartouche No. 1, 21
Cartouche of Ramesses II
Ramessu mery Amun

rꜤ-msi-sw mri-imn

Cartouche No. 2
Cartouche of Senakhtenra
Senakht en Ra


Cartouche No. 3
Cartouche of Seqenenra
Seqen en Ra


Cartouche No. 4
Cartouche of Kamose
Wadj kheper Ra


Cartouche No. 5
Cartouche of Mentuhotep II
Neb hapet Ra


Cartouche No. 6, 31
Cartouche of Ahmose I
Neb pehty Ra


Cartouche No. 7
Cartouche of Thutmose I
Aa kheper ka Ra


Cartouche No. 10, 30
Cartouche of Thutmose III
Men kheper Ra


Cartouche No. 11, 23
Cartouche of Thutmose II
Aa kheper en Ra


Cartouche No. 12, 24
Cartouche of Amenhotep I
Djoser ka Ra


Cartouche No. 13
Cartouche of Amenhotep II
Aa kheperu en Ra


Cartouche No. 14
Cartouche of Thutmose IV
Men kheperu en Ra


Cartouche No. 15, 25
Cartouche of Amenhotep III
Neb Maat Ra


Cartouche No. 16, 29
Cartouche of Horemheb
Djoser kheperu en Ra


Cartouche No. 17, 26
Cartouche of Ramesses I
Men pehty Ra


Cartouche No. 18, 27
Cartouche of Seti I
Men Maat Ra


Cartouche No. 19, 28
Cartouche of Seti II
Usiri Seti mery en Ptah

wsiri sti mri.n-ptḥ

Cartouche No. 20
Cartouche of Amenhotep I


Cartouche No. 22
Cartouche of Ramesses II
Ramessu mery Amun

rꜤ-msi-sw mri-imn

Cartouche No. 32


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