Ramesseum Canon king list

The Ramesseum is the large memorial temple of Ramesses II at Thebes in Upper Egypt.

The ravages of time have not been kind to the Ramesseum, and only ruins of a small portion of the original structures survive today. Over the millennia its masonry was slowly being depleted and reused for other buildings, damaged by flooding, and finally neglected. Still surviving, the upper register of the second western pylon shows a processions where ancestors of Ramesses II are honored at ceremonies of the festival of Min. It contains two processions with ancestors being honored, containing 19 cartouches with the names of 14 pharaohs. Notably, Hatshepsut and the Amarna pharaohs are omitted.

When rediscovered, it was eventually confirmed to be the vast monument of Ozymandyas described in antiquity by Diodorus and Strabo, who called it Memnonium. The name Ramesseum was first coined by Champollion, who visited the ruins in 1829, but Memnonium continued to be used by travellers until the 1850’s. The scene was first published by Champollion, followed by Lepsius some years later.

Ramesseum king list detail
Cartouche of Thutmose I
Aa kheper ka Ra


Great is the manifestation of the soul of Ra

Ramesseum No. 1
Cartouche of Amenhotep I
Djoser ka Ra


Holy is the soul of Ra

Ramesseum No. 2
Cartouche of Ahmose I
Neb pehty Ra


The Lord of the might is Ra

Ramesseum No. 3
Cartouche of Mentuhotep II
Neb hapet Ra


The Lord of the rudder is Ra

Ramesseum No. 4
Cartouche of Narmer


The established one(?)

Ramesseum No. 5
Cartouche of Ramesses II
User Maat Ra, setep en Ra

wsr-mꜢꜤt-rꜤ stp.n-rꜤ

The justice of Ra is powerful, chosen of Ra

Ramesseum No. 6
Cartouche of Seti I
Men Maat Ra


Eternal is the Truth of Ra

Ramesseum No. 7
Cartouche of Ramesses I
Men pehty Ra


Eternal is the Strength of Ra

Ramesseum No. 8
Cartouche of Horemheb
Djoser kheperu Ra, setep en Ra

ḏsr-ḫprw stp-n-rꜤ

Holy are of the manifestations of Ra, chosen of Ra

Ramesseum No. 9
Cartouche of Amenhotep III
Neb Maat Ra


The possessor of the Maat of Ra

Ramesseum No. 10
Cartouche of Thutmose IV
Men kheperu Ra


Established manifestations of Ra

Ramesseum No. 11
Cartouche of Amenhotep II
Aa kheperu Ra


Great are the manifestations of Ra

Ramesseum No. 12
Cartouche of Thutmose III
Men kheper Ra


Lasting is the Manifestation of Ra

Ramesseum No. 13
Cartouche of Thutmose II
Aa kheper en Ra


Great is the manifestation of Ra

Ramesseum No. 14



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