Muthis in hieroglyphs

The fifth pharaoh of the Twenty-ninth Dynasty,

Only Eusebius makes reference to Muthis, there are no contemporary traces. The name is clearly hellenized and probably the result of the corrupted epitome used by Eusebius. A summation describing the chaos at the end of the dynasty was likely misunderstood by the copyist, resulting in Muthis from Psammuthis.

Neferites II

Nectanebo I

Reign of Muthis
Manetho (Eusebius)1 year

The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

The sources of antiquity

From the writings of the historians and scholars of antiquity

Eusebius xxix, 5 Μουθις Muthis 1 year
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