The Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is noted for the expansion of trade outside of the kingdom that occurred during this time. This opening of trade eventually led to the downfall of the Middle Kingdom, induced by an invasion from the Hyksos.

Dynasty XI

# Pharaoh Alternate names Reign (BCE)
1 Mentuhotep I Mentuhotep-aa
2 Intef I Antef I, Anjotef I, Inyotef I
3 Intef II Antef II, Anjotef II, Inyotef II 2066–2017
4 Intef III Antef III, Anjotef III, Inyotef III 2016–2009
5 Mentuhotep II Montuhotep II 2009–1959
6 Mentuhotep III Montuhotep III 1958–1947
7 Mentuhotep IV Montuhotep IV 1947–1940

Dynasty XII

# Pharaoh Alternate names Reign (BCE)
1 Amenemhat I Amenemhet I 1939–1910
2 Senusret I Senusret I, Senwosret I 1920–1875
3 Amenemhat II Amenemhet II 1878–1843
4 Senusret II Senusret II, Senwosret II 1845–1837
5 Senusret III Senusret III, Senwosret III, Sesostris 1837–1819
6 Amenemhat III Amenemhet III 1818–1773
7 Amenemhat IV Amenemhet IV 1772–1764
8 Neferusobek Sobekneferu 1763–1760


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