Fourth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The line of succession of the first six pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty is well documented from contemporary and archeological records, but there are some discrepancies between the various New Kingdom king lists.

Djedefhor was a son of Khufu and it is very unlikely that he ever ruled as pharaoh.
Baefra was allegedly another son of Khufu.
Djedefptah, was yet another son of Khufu, whose name might have been hellenized into Thamphthis, who, according to Africanus, was the last ruler of the dynasty. There is no archeological evidence of this however.
These three princes might have been misstakenly glorified as pharaohs by the time of the New Kingdom, which would explain why they were included on the king lists.
There is the possibilty that rivals for the throne had all traces of their rule eradicated, but there are no proof either way.
Pharaoh Also known as Reign
1 Sneferu Snefru, Snofru 2543–2510
2 Khufu Cheops 2509–2483
3 Radjedef Djedefra, Djedefre 2482–2475
4 Khafra Khafre, Chephren, Khefren 2472–2448
5 Baufra Baefra, Baufre, Baka, Bicheris, Bikka 2474–2473
6 Menkaura Menkaure, Mykerinos, Mycerinus 2447–2442
7 Shepseskaf 2441–2436
8 Thamphthis Djedefptah, Ptahdjedef
9 Hordjedef Djedefhor