Predynastic kings of Ancient Egypt

There aren't many predynastic kings known, and it's likely that they ruled over a modest territory. Along the Nile, numerous minor city-states developed. Upper Egypt was divided into the three states of Thinis, Naqada, and Nekhen. Eventually, approximately 3100 BC, it is likely that Nekhen and Thinis merged. The Lord of Thinis then attained sufficient might to exterminate all rivals and found the First Dynasty by taking control of Lower Egypt.
Dynasty 37
Pharaoh Also known as Reign
1 Seka Hsekiu
2 Khayu Iukha
3 Tiu Teyew
4 Tjesh Thesh, Tesh
5 Neheb Niheb
6 Wenegbu Wazner, Wadjenedj
7 Mekh Imykhet