Tenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

There is almost no archaeological evidence as to the rulers, which makes it all but impossible to place any kings with confidence. The Turin king list details 18 kings for dynasties 9-10 but curiously does not separate them into two dynasties. It is very likely that this dynasty is a duplicate of the Ninth due to a corrupted or misunderstood epitome of Manetho, and actually belonged to the Ninth Dynasty.
Pharaoh Also known as Reign
1 Nebkaura Khety IV Nebkaure Khety IV, Khety V between 2160 and 2130
2 Merikara Merykare c. 2075–2040
3 Sekhemkara I Sekhemkare I
4 Wadjkara Wadjkare
5 Ity
6 Imhotep
7 Hotep
8 Khui
9 Isu
10 Iytenu