Seventeenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The Theban rulers of the Seventeenth Dynasty were contemporary with the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Dynasties, as Egypt was split into small Hyksos-ruled kingdoms. At the end of the dynasty, the Hyksos were defeated and the kingdom once again reunited, as Ahmose, the brother of Kamose, founded the Eighteenth Dynasty and with it the New Kingdom. The short reigns of the kings suggest it was a violent time leading up to the liberation.
Dynasty 17
Pharaoh Also known as Reign
1 Rahotep Rehotep 1580–1576
2 Sobekemsaf I 1576–1573
3 Sobekemsaf II
4 Intef V Sekhemra-Wepmaat Intef
5 Intef VI Nubkheperra Intef
6 Intef VII Sekhemra Heruhirmaat Intef
7 Senakhtenra Senakhtenre Tao in older texts 1559–1558
8 Seqenenra Seqenenre Tao 1558–1554
9 Kamose Kamesiu 1555–1550