Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The Twenty-sixth Dynasty was the last native dynasty to rule Egypt before the Persian conquest in 525 BC. The Assyrian king Esarhaddon conquered Lower Egypt in 671 BC, and rewarded supporting Sais native Necho I by installing him as a vassal king. Nubian Tantamani’s authority was still recognised in Upper Egypt until Psamtik I unified Egypt in 656 BC.
Dynasty 26
Pharaoh Also known as Reign
1 Necho I Nekao I 672–664
2 Psamtik I Psammetichus I 664–610
3 Necho II Nekao II 610–595
4 Psamtik II Psammetichus II 595–589
5 Apries Hophra 589–570
6 Amasis Ahmose II, Ahmose III 570–526
7 Psamtik III Psammecherites, Psammetichus III 526–525