Codex of Curiosities

Hurtling back to almost forgotten era, back to a when Berlin had a brand new museum. In this museum, the Historical Room, was positively plastered with Pharaonic frescoes. Think vibrant colours, enough headgear to make an ostrich jealous.

But then, as is so often the case in the chaotic tapestry of human history, a particularly nasty bout of fisticuffs (known as World War II to the locals) came along and turned the museum into a pile of rubble. The Historical Room? Blown to smithereens. Those pharaohs and their fancy hats? Reduced to dust.

So here we are, relying on this dubious page as our only guide to a lost artistic treasure trove. Just remember that the universe is a curious place, and when it comes to Earth's past, you never quite know what bizarre artifacts you might dig up.

So what is all the fuss about? Well... You have stumbled upon a menagerie of curiosities, if you will, a surprising collection of obscure items and information about lost treasures associated with Ancient Egypt.

First up, an article about the ancient Egyptian paintings that used to decorate the Historical Room in the Neues Museum in Berlin between 1855 and 1943: Enter the museum.