Hordjedef in hieroglyphs

The ninth pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, a.k.a. Djedefhor

Hordjedef was a son of Khufu and half-brother of pharaohs Radjedef and Khafra. His name is mentioned on an inscription in Wadi Hammamat, written after the names of Khufu, Radjedef and Khafra, preceding the name of another of his brothers, Baufra. There is no evidence that either Hordjedef or Baufra ruled as a pharaoh, even though only pharaohs' names were written in cartouches during the 4th dynasty. The name appears with an added Ra sign, which implies that the inscription was not contemporary, but inscribed later, likely during the Middle Kingdom.



Reign of Hordjedef

The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

Throne name

Prenomen or throne name

Announced at the coronation and always written in a cartouche. The “official” name of the pharaoh. Also known as the Prenomen.

Throne name
Hor djedef Ra
Wadi Hammamat inscription
Drioton. (1954). Une Liste des Rois de la IV Dynastie dans l'Ouadi Hammamat. Bulletin de la Société Français d'Égyptologie 16, 41-49

Birth name

Nomen or birth name

Personal name given at birth. Also known as the Nomen.

Birth name
Hor djedef
As prince Hordjedef in Westcar papyrus 6.22 etc.


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