Neferkara in hieroglyphs

The seventh pharaoh of the Third Dynasty, a.k.a. Neferkare

The last king of the second dynasty on the Abydos king list is Neferkara, but the name is absent on the other New Kingdom king lists. There is no archaeological evidence for this name, and the name was likely a constructed by later scribes. Another possibility is that it belonged to the fourth dynasty founder Snoferu's predecessor, Huni. It is unclear under which name Africanus could have listed him in Manetho's king list of the third dynasty.



Reign of Neferkara

The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

Throne name

Prenomen or throne name

Announced at the coronation and always written in a cartouche. The “official” name of the pharaoh. Also known as the Prenomen.

Throne name
Nefer ka Ra*
Abydos Canon no. 19

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