The Eight Dynasty (Dynasty VIII)

The Eight Dynasty saw the breakdown of the central authority of pharaoh, and the rise of local governors (nomarchs.) Eventually the nomarchs of Herakleopolis became as powerful as the pharaohs and finally ousted them from power, founding the Ninth Dynasty. Almost nothing but the names of the pharaohs are known.

The Eight Dynasty <small>(Dynasty VIII)</small>

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
1 Netjerikara Netjerikara Netjerikare, Nitocris
2 Menkara Menkara Menkare
3 Neferkara II Neferkara Neferkare II
4 Neferkara Neby Neferkara Neferkare Neby
5 Djedkara Shemai Djedkara Djedkare Shemay
6 Neferkara Khendu Neferkara Neferkare Khendu
7 Merenhor Merenhor
8 Neferkamin I Neferkamin Seneferka
9 Nikara Nikara Nikare
10 Neferkara Tereru Neferkara Neferkare Tereru
11 Neferkahor Neferkahor
12 Neferkara Pepiseneb Neferkara Neferkare Pepiseneb
13 Neferkamin Anu Neferkamin
14 Qakara Ibi Qakara
15 Neferkaura Neferkaura Neferkaure
16 Neferkauhor Neferkauhor
17 Neferirkara II Neferirkare II


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