The Sixteenth Dynasty (Dynasty XVI)

Dates: 1649-1580 BCE. – Capital: Thebes

The Sixteenth Dynasty only ruled over Upper Egypt. According to Africanus, 32 Grecian shepherds ruled for 518 years, while Eusebius writes that five kings of Thebes ruled for 190 years. The true number was probably only around 50 years. The dynasty was destroyed in the war against the Hyksos of the Fifteenth Dynasty, when Thebes was conquered.

The Sixteenth Dynasty <small>(Dynasty XVI)</small>

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
2 Djehuty Sekhemra Sementawy 1649–1648
3 Sobekhotep VIII Sekhemre Seusertawy Sobekhotep 1645–1629
4 Neferhotep III Sekhemra Sankhtawy 1629
5 Mentuhotepi Sankhenra Sankhenre Mentuhotepi, Mentuhotep VII 1628–1627
6 Nebirau I Sewadjenra Nebiryraw I, Sewadjenre 1627–1601
7 Nebirau II Nebiryraw II 1601
8 Semenenra 1601–1600
9 Bebiankh Seuserenra Sewoserenre, Seuserenre 1600–1588
10 Sekhemra Shedwaset 1588
11 Dedumose I Djedhotepra Djedhotepre
12 Dedumose II Djedneferra Djedneferre
13 Mentuemsaf Djedankhra Djedankhre
14 Mentuhotep VI Merankhra Merankhre
15 Senusret IV Seneferibra Seneferibre

Unplaced kings

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
Pepi III Seneferankhra Seneferankhre
Nebmaatra Nebmaatre
Meribra Meribre
Nubankhra Nubankhre
Nikara II


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