Also known as: Sened
Dynasty II

The Horus name of Senedj is unknown. The earliest source of the name dates from the tomb of the High priest Shery from the fourth dynasty, where it is written in a cartouche, which was not yet in use during the second dynasty. The New Kingdom king lists all use the same name, but with different hieroglyphs.

Reign of Senedj
AE Chronologyc. 2610
von Beckerath2735–2724
Turin Canon70 (years?)
Manetho (Africanus)41 years


The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

Throne name
Throne name of Senedj: Senedj*
 The frightful one
Abydos king list 13
, Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen (), 42-43, 5:E3


The sources of antiquity

From the writings of the historians and scholars of antiquity

Africanus ii, 5 Σεθενης Sethenes Sethenes 41 years


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