Third Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The Third Dynasty ushered in the Old Kingdom. Memphis had now taken over from Thinis as the capital. The line of succession is still disputed amongst Egyptologists. It is very difficult to even place the various names with a certain king. There is some evidence to suggest that a civil war erupted during this dynasty.
Pharaoh Also known as Reign
1 Nebka Hen Nekht (not in use anymore)
2 Djoser Zezer, Zozer, Djeser 2592–2566
3 Sekhemkhet Djosertety, Djoserteti, Djoserty 2565–2559
4 Hudjefa II
5 Mesochris
6 Nebkara Nebkare
7 Neferkara Neferkare
8 Huni ?–2544