Unplaced kings of Ancient Egypt

History is full of fascinating mysteries, and ancient Egypt has its fair share. Among them are the unplaceable pharaohs - rulers whose reigns and identities remain shrouded in mystery. Whether controversial or completely unknown, archaeologists and historians alike tries to unlock their secrets.
#KingAlso known asRemarks
1Anather-Contemporary with Dynasty XII?
2Harsiese A-Ruled at Thebes during Dynasty XXIII
3Ini II-Ruled at Thebes during Dynasty XXIII
4PeftjauawybastPeftjaubastGovernor(?) at Herakleopolis installed by Piye
5Pedubast IIIPetubastis IVRevolted against the Persian Domination of Dynasty XXVII
6Psamtik IVPsammetichus IVProbably rebelled against the Persian Domination
7InarosInarus, Inaros IIRebelled against the Persian Domination