The Fifth Dynasty (Dynasty V)

Dates: 2435-2306 BCE. – Capital: Memphis

According to Manetho, the Fifth Dynasty ruled from Elephantine, but archeologists have found evidence clearly showing that it was still located at Memphis.

The Fifth Dynasty <small>(Dynasty V)</small>

#PharaohThrone nameAlso known asReign*
1 Userkaf 2435–2429
2 Sahura Sahure 2428–2416
3 Neferirkara I Kakai Neferirkara Nerferirkare I 2415–2405
4 Shepseskara Netjeruser Shepseskara Shepseskare
5 Neferefra Isi Neferefra Neferefre, Raneferef 2403
6 Niuserra Ini Niuserra Niuserre 2402–2374
7 Menkauhor Kaiu Menkauhor Horikau, Ikauhor 2373–2366
8 Djedkara Isesi Djedkara Djedkare Isesi 2365–2322
9 Unas Unas Wenis, Unis 2321–2306


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