Medinet Habu king list

The Temple of Medinet Habu is the mortuary temple of Ramesses III near Thebes in Upper Egypt. The inscriptions were inspired by the festival scenes of Ramesses II at the Ramesseum, which they closely resemble. The scene show Ramesses III participating in the ceremonies of the festival of Min, and contain sixteen cartouches with the names of nine kings.
The names of Siptah and Amenmesse of the nineteenth dynasty are both absent, which suggests that they were not seen as legitime kings and thus excluded, as was Tausret who was ousted by Ramessess III's father Setnakht.

The scene can be found in the second court, in the upper register of second, eastern pylon..

Medinet Habu king list

#HieroglyphsName in listPharaoh
1, 5, 8 Ramesses III
User Maat Ra, mery Amun
wsr-mAat-ra mri-imn
Ramesses III
2, 6, 9 Setnakht
User khau Ra, mery Amun
wsr-xaw-ra mrj-jmn
3, 12 Ramesses II
User Maat Ra, setep en Ra
wsr-mAat-ra stp.n-ra
Ramesses II
4, 11 Merenptah
Ba en Ra, mery Amun
bA-n-ra mrj-jmn
7, 10 Seti II
User kheperu Ra, setep en Ra
wsr-xprw-ra stp.n-ra
Seti II
13 Seti I
Men Maat Ra
Seti I
14 Ramesses I
Men pehty Ra
Ramesses I
15 Horemheb
Djoser kheperu Ra, setep en Ra
Dsr-xprw stp-n-ra
16 Amenhotep III
Neb Maat Ra
Amenhotep III


The Epigraphic Survey, Medinet Habu IV, plates 203-205 composite - press ENTER for full image
Epigraphic Survey 1940

Medinet Habu IV (OIP 51), Plates 203-205 composite, colored
Size: 4482x930 (1.4 MB)

Map to location of the Medinet Habu king list
Map to location of the king list

Coordinates: 25°43'11.2"N 32°36'03.6"E
Size: 1000x563 (139 kb)


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