Also known as: Amenemnisu
Dynasty XXI

Reign of Amenemnesut
AE Chronology1005–1002
von Beckerath1044–1040
Manetho4 years


The Royal Titulary

From the hieroglyphic records

Throne name
Throne name of Amenemnesut: Nefer ka Ra, heqa Waset
Nefer ka Ra, heqa Waset
 nfr-kꜢ-rꜤ ḥḳꜢ-wꜢst
 The perfect one is the (very) ka of Ra, ruler of Thebes
Montet, La Nécropole royale de Tanis (1951), Vol. 2, pl. 73, fig. 43
, Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen (), 178-179, 2:T
Birth name
Birth name of Amenemnesut: Amen em nesu
Amen em nesu
 Amun is king
Borchardt, Quellen und Forschungen zur Zeitbestimmung der Ägyptischen Geschichte, II, plate 2
, Handbuch der ägyptischen Königsnamen (), 178-179, 2:E2


The sources of antiquity

From the writings of the historians and scholars of antiquity

Africanus xxi, 3 Νεφελχερης Nephelkheres Nephelcheres 4 years
Eusebius xxi, 3 Νεφερχερης Nepherkheres Nephercheres 4 years
Jerome Nephercheres 4 years


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