Twelfth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt

The Twelfth Dynasty brought the Middle Kingdom to new heights. The pharaohs started keeping well-trained standing armies, and had fortifications built. These armies were also used in foreign campaigns, but mostly there was peace and economic prosperity that hadn't existed since the Old Kingdom.
Dynasty 12
Pharaoh Also known as Reign
1 Amenemhat I Amenemhet I 1939–1910
2 Senusret I Senusret I, Senwosret I 1920–1875
3 Amenemhat II Amenemhet II 1878–1843
4 Senusret II Senusret II, Senwosret II 1845–1837
5 Senusret III Senusret III, Senwosret III, Sesostris 1837–1819
6 Amenemhat III Amenemhet III 1818–1773
7 Amenemhat IV Amenemhet IV 1772–1764
8 Neferusobek Sobekneferu 1763–1760