New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt

The Hyksos domination of the Second Intermediate Period was brought to an end by Ahmose I, the founder of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Egypt’s borders were secured and neglected settlements were fortified and expanded to provide a buffer zone against further encroachment. The New Kingdom saw Egypt flourish for centuries at the height of its power, but that power began to diminish after the death of Ramses II, as the priests of Amun gained greater wealth and influence and the status of the pharaoh waned.

Finally, the weak Ramesside pharaohs and a weak central government was destroyed when the powerful priests of Amun usurped the throne, ushering in the Third Intermediate Period.

Dynasty XVIII

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
1Ahmose IAmasis, Amosis1550–1525
2Amenhotep IAmenophis I1541–1520
3Thutmose ITuthmosis I, Thutmosis I1520–1492
4Thutmose IITuthmosis II, Thutmosis II1492–1479
6Thutmose IIITuthmosis III, Thutmosis III1479–1425
7Amenhotep IIAmenophis II1425–1400
8Thutmose IVTuthmosis IV, Thutmosis IV1400–1390
9Amenhotep IIIAmenophis III1390–1352
10Amenhotep IVAkhenaten, Akhenaton, Echnaton, Amenophis IV1352–1334
11NeferneferuatenNefertiti, Meritaten1334–1332
12SmenkhkaraSmenkhare, Smenkare1332–
13TutankhamunTutankhamon, King Tut, Tutankhamen, Tutankhaton1332–1323
14AyAja, Aya1322–1320
15HoremhebHoremhab, Haremhab1320–1292

Dynasty XIX

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
1Ramesses IRamses I1292–1290
2Seti ISethos I1290–1279
3Ramesses IIRameses II, Ramses II1279–1213
5Seti IISethos II1203–1200
6AmenmesseAmenmesses, Amenmose1203–1197
7SiptahMerenptah Siptah1197–1191
8TausretTawosret, Twosret1191–1190

Dynasty XX

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
2Ramesses IIIRameses III, Ramses III1186–1155
3Ramesses IV1155–1149
4Ramesses V1149–1145
5Ramesses VI1145–1137
6Ramesses VII1137–1130
7Ramesses VIII1130–1129
8Ramesses IX1129–1111
9Ramesses X1111–1107
10Ramesses XI1107–1077