Third Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt

Following the breakdown of the New Kingdom, Lower Egypt was claimed by a new dynasty in Tanis, while the High Priest of Thebes took power in Upper Egypt. The two governing houses were frequently related. Third Intermediate Period is the modern designation for the third interruption of stable dynastic administrations in Egypt, which lasted for about 550 years (c. 1069-525 BCE).

Late in the Twenty-second Dynasty, civil war broke out, resulting in self-styled monarchs from Herakleopolis, Tanis, Hermopolis, Thebes, Memphis, and Sais taking power. Egypt was unable to organise a coherent defence as a result of this fragmentation when the Nubians invaded from the south and established the Twenty-Fifth Dynasty.

After being weakened by the Assyrians in the preceding century, the Persian invasion in 525 BCE ended Egyptian rule the Late period.

Dynasty XXI

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
1Smendes I1077–1051
3Psusennes I1047–1001
5OsochorOsorkon the Elder992–986
7Psusennes II967–943

Dynasty XXII

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
1Shoshenq ISheshonq I, Sheshonk I943–922
2Osorkon I922–887
3Shoshenq IISheshonq II, Sheshonk II
4Shoshenq IIbSheshonq IIb, Sheshonk IIb
5Takelot I885–872
6Osorkon II872–837
7Shoshenq IIISheshonq III, Sheshonk III837–798
8Shoshenq IV798–785
10Shoshenq VSheshonq V, Sheshonk V778–740
11Pedubast II
12Osorkon IV740–720

Dynasty XXIII

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
1Takelot II840–815
2Pedubast I829–804
3Iuput I829–804
4Shoshenq VIPreviously known as Shoshenq IV804–798
5Osorkon III798–769
6Takelot III774–759

Dynasty XXIV

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)

Dynasty XXV

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
1PiyePiankhi, Piankhy, Pije, Pianchy752–721
4TaharqaTaharka, Taharqo690–664

Dynasty XXVI

#PharaohAlternate namesReign (BC)
1Necho INekao I
2Psamtik IPsammetichus I
3Necho IINekao II
4Psamtik IIPsammetichus II
6AmasisAhmose II, Ahmose III
7Psamtik IIIPsammecherites, Psammetichus III